Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lauro Visconde- Justice Serve?

Today was a memorable time  for Webb, Visconde, Nicholas and the other families that had been waiting for the decision of the supreme court. Finally after years of struggle the Supreme court announce the decision of the Visconde massacre case happened 19 years ago. I do empathize the situation of Mr. Visconde now that the Supreme Court has acquit the suspected murderers of his family. I further pray that someday the justice he long sought will be truly be given to him by God.

May God continue to guide the Philippines for Peace, Justice and Freedom


Yannie said...

Praying the same as yours. Hope justice prevails.

genny said...

so sad to know that all the effort of Mr. Vizconde has gone now. God will soon give justice not on earth but in heaven.

zeb said...

The Vizconde-Webb case is a lose-lose situation. Sad reality of how injustice prevails in our judicial system.

avatarlady said...

The conviction of Web and company justifies the forever doomed corrupt jury system of the Philippines. I just hope that the NBI including that bs star witness and all the authorities will have their karma in due time.

ALBERT said...

the case in now running out of time because as i listened the court has this thing about having the duration of the maximum 20 years to solve the case. Pity for mr lauro

Hope God protect us all

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