Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Things to Remember in Looking for a CAREER

Many books are published focusing in tips in finding a job you want. I prefer to advise though that this maybe effective. I am more concern in the finding of a career which will brought you happiness, dignity, peace and success.

What makes you motivated in the job? -  A simple yet very revealing question on a person which will find time listing the things that can motivate him/her to the job. Money, relationship and even dreams can be part of it. Making it more specific will be more appealing to oneself. It is effective also when choosing a course but I will tackle it more deeply maybe on succeeding blog. Remember also that it should be somehow align in your job so that you can maximize your time and effort.

 Thus your job matches your personality? – Remember that there are jobs which will require you to make an extra mile or bring you outside your comfort zone. A particular example of this is salesmen which should be out-going type of a person. But still inventory yourself well in as much as taking a risk because who knows it just yet to come out or hidden all along.

Do you ask others that can help? – There are many people willing to help you. You relatives, friends, school teachers, mentors and other people who can help you evaluate your skills, personalities and even your temperament in life. There are also ways you can choose from like personality test, EQ, IQ and more.