Friday, January 21, 2011

Delegations and what it reflects of us

“Only secure leaders are able to give power to others” – John Maxwell

Today I learned that I should give more power and trust to others especially to those persons who I think have the skills and passion to do more than I can. This also shows that they can go great length with me by there side and I will not be a hindrance to them.

Insecure leaders will always be afraid of responsibility taking out of them. They can exert extra mile to secure there position and responsibility. I remember that I was that last year and NOW I'm trying to evaluate myself of responsibility that I should let go to give way to others which can learned and experience from the task.

 I should always strive to empower my family, co-worker and friends. They can do great things when they know that I support them all the way.  

Do you have task that can be delegate? Are you welcome to changes and be part of a more bigger challenges in work, relationship and life?