Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Do you Live what you Preach?

“When the leaders show the way with the right actions, their followers copy them and succeed” – John Maxwell

Today, I learned that for me to be a great leader I should live by it because others especially my followers will look into my action more than what I teach. I admittedly am a shy person and that should be corrected as soon as possible to become more effective as a leader. Proper empowerment to people should always be my prime motivator and I can’t do it if I am shy and full of inhibitions.

What followers expect to a leader:
First, Leaders carefully analyzed every tactical situation because followers place there trust at leaders which are well adept and well informed of the situation. Second, Leaders maximize the resources that can be used because everything has limitation even resources. This shows how well a leader utilized the limited resources to the best it can be. Third, to think under pressure because leaders will always encounter situations which are hard and which are limited in time. Finally, Lead them by personal example; you cannot give what you do not have and what your personality reflects what people will be expecting you. 

Good leaders must communicate the vision clearly, creatively and continually. And they should more importantly live the vision. They are always aware of what they are setting up as example to others. 

In your house, who do you think is this person? How much trust do you give to that person?