Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TQM- I believe in it

In the competitive market environment of today, organizations need to find ways to become socially responsible and to assimilate internal and external factors in their strategic management in order to deliver the highest product or service quality to their customers. Modern organizations strive for distinguished quality of leadership, management, employees, work processes, product and service, so that their products not only meet customer needs, but they are also offered in an incessantly improving, appropriate, cost-effective, pioneering, and productive manner.
One major component of strategic management is Total Quality Management (TQM). TQM originated in Japan in the 50s by Americans W. Edward Deming and J. M. Juran, but became popular in many countries during the 80s. Being a structured approach which aims to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty through continuous and innovative improvement of quality, TQM is a buzzword analyzed as follows:
  • Total: quality is address to any organizational member of activity
  • Quality: characteristics of a product or a service that satisfy customer requirements
  • Management: quality can be managed
TQM views quality as the main tool to boost productivity and lower scrap and warranty costs. As the output increases both quantitatively and qualitatively, customer response and organizational reputation increase at a double pace because customer needs are met effectively. Within this context, quality is the main driver for corporate success through incessant learning and advancement.
TQM focuses on meeting customer requirements, while reducing development cycle times and product/service costs. Aiming to achieve long-term customer satisfaction, TQM necessitates the equal participation of all organizational members in the effort for continuous improvement in organizational culture, attitude and operations.
Successful TQM implementation necessitates organizational change. This involves primarily education of all organizational members in order to pursue new strategic thinking and be able to identify the customer target groups and the required production outputs. Setting true customer requirements serves as the basis for pursuing a continuous improvement strategy. In addition, the ability to identify market opportunities that would improve the positioning of the organization with the use of value adding activities is important in the process of delivering the highest value for the customer at the lowest cost. In doing so, the organization focuses on prevention and not on correction, reducing the chronic waste and variations in product/service quality. The use of Standard Operations Procedures (S.O.Ps) and structured methodology to describe a process improvement facilitates the elimination of wasteful steps. Finally, the leaders of the organization must involve all organizational members in the strategic decision-making in order to boost employee motivation and adopt a new organizational culture which would inspire the will for innovative act in a climate of trust and respect.

Tips On Surviving A Break Up - Desperately Wanting Answers!

I just want to share what I had read- 

So you want tips on surviving a break up?

I know exactly how you feel '“ In fact when I went through my break up with my ex she said that she needed to be by herself for awhile to get things worked out so we broke up.
The problem was I still loved her big time and wanted to get back with her!
But I have a secret for you '“ and it is this;
I got back together with my ex and I'm going to give you some tips on how to survive this whole mess!
And think about this '“ almost 90% of the couples that break up still have emotional ties with their ex's.
This is very good for news for you and I '“ especially when you consider that if we use this information to our advantage we have a good chance at getting back with our ex.
So when you are desperately wanting answers to tips on surviving a break up, spend some time and dwell on this'
Empathetic Longing and Wanting
All empathetic longing and wanting really is, is using empathy and the idea of using time and a bit of human nature to get back with your ex. You can do this in a few different ways.
1 '“ You can prove your empathy by writing a simple note to your ex to actually say that you are ok with the break up. It's a tough step, but it works and hang on because it's only the first step.

2 '“ Slow down on your communication with your ex, this actually works on the longing portion of the plan. You both have things to figure out and negative communication is where you guys are at right now and that is no good; so slow the chat down big time.
3 '“ When you do chat with your ex either directly or through your friends, let him and anybody else that needs to know that you are doing fine. This is harder than it sounds to do but it sends a very big message to the world that you are strong and self confident. You are now working on the wanting part.
4 '“ After the dust has settled a bit set a time to meet with your ex. Be patient and keep it on the down low for awhile; your are actually playing a little hard to get. More wanting is going on.
5 '“ During the meeting watch for signs of wanting from your ex. You have playing a little hard to get and it's human nature to want what you can't have. If you notice, your ex is probably real glad to see you.
Warning: If you rush these steps or confess your undying love too soon your ex will run the other way. It's not attractive to appear needy and wanting. Not now!

What do you do when you fall in love with your friend?

       Is there any way to avoid or alter a relationship that has been doomed to friendship? Perhaps. The only way to break out of the friendship role is to stop being a friend and start acting like an available lover. You may choose to be forthright and explain to the person how you feel, though by now, it may be too late. Some have found using seduction techniques (explained in the last chapter) to be successful.
These techniques might involve dating other people in order to make the person jealous; or using hypnosis-style conversation (to force them to see you in a sexual way); or just establishing yourself as a successful "leader" in some respect (or perhaps a unique talent). These techniques may help to wake up your ex and force them to realize you are a sexual being with needs.
The worst possible thing you could at this point is to continue being a friend and continue "needing" this person so much that it's embarrassing for both of you. You must be willing to distance yourself from this friend, if he or she is not willing to give you the romantic relationship you want. (This doesn't mean cutting off all ties, it simply means keeping a reasonable distance) This may cause him or her to see you in a different light or it may not. Regardless, you must be willing to walk away and find happiness with someone else even when you fall in love with your friend.