Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What do you do when you fall in love with your friend?

       Is there any way to avoid or alter a relationship that has been doomed to friendship? Perhaps. The only way to break out of the friendship role is to stop being a friend and start acting like an available lover. You may choose to be forthright and explain to the person how you feel, though by now, it may be too late. Some have found using seduction techniques (explained in the last chapter) to be successful.
These techniques might involve dating other people in order to make the person jealous; or using hypnosis-style conversation (to force them to see you in a sexual way); or just establishing yourself as a successful "leader" in some respect (or perhaps a unique talent). These techniques may help to wake up your ex and force them to realize you are a sexual being with needs.
The worst possible thing you could at this point is to continue being a friend and continue "needing" this person so much that it's embarrassing for both of you. You must be willing to distance yourself from this friend, if he or she is not willing to give you the romantic relationship you want. (This doesn't mean cutting off all ties, it simply means keeping a reasonable distance) This may cause him or her to see you in a different light or it may not. Regardless, you must be willing to walk away and find happiness with someone else even when you fall in love with your friend.


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