Saturday, February 26, 2011

We should strive to Win more. For winning is what we meant to be

"When the pressure is on, great leaders are at their best. Whatever is inside them comes to the surface."- John Maxwell

I like this excerpt because it brings a whole lot of ideas. First, the nature of a great leader is the way he/she is accepting defeat. The feeling of wanting to leave that current losing state to a victory stage of life. Second, is the hope that someday you will be victorious. And Lastly, the power of winning is not only on the team but to the leader first and foremost.

I personally had often settle for less than what is expected on me for that I respect people which do not settle for less than what is right and expected on them. The work that I did will not be perfect if not been for people who implements out-most care and prudence in checking and verifying what I did. The world will be better if people will establish a better management of life, work, government and congregations.

Factors that affect team's dedication in winning are:1. unity of vision - being on the same team doesn't mean that each person have the same vision. There are times that the leader should communicate the vision in such a way that it clearly demonstrate all the team members personal agenda and/or interest.2. diversity of skills- the team is comprise of different people with different upbringing, experience and education. It is proper to identify and make adjustment to make this attributes blend and work for the greater good of the team. And Lastly, dedication as a leader of raising people to their potential- The leader should have the most passion of winning and contributing the most of everything in the team. With this passion of raising people the leader will become a pillar of strength and persons will look upon for winning difficult situations.

How dedicated are you in winning? Your answer will most likely determine whether your team will win or lose.