Friday, December 10, 2010

Insurance Scam I watch and experience

An Interruption from leadership segment because I like to share what I watch last night in XXX (a program of abs-cbn) which featured an insurance company scam. This scam had been experience first-hand by my former girlfriend and me in one of the malls in the Philippines. The scam start with one staff of the company which will approach a prospected client promising some coupon and prizes which will be given upon accomplishing some forms. Later, they will lead you to there office in a corner of the mall which you will be meet by other staff and helping you become comfortable. Once you are comfortable they will lead you inside there office. There you will be entertained by an insurance agent who will give you history and benefits of joining there company. In the end of the conversation the agent will then literally push you to swipe your atm or credit card in there tellers booth to know if you are qualified for the plans. Additionally, I watched in the XXX that the woman who appeal in the program has automatically been enrolled in the policy which she regretfully and angrily appealing with the agent but failed to be acted upon.

Personally, I don’t think people should undergo such circumstances because of the time they are wasting and the treatment they are getting after wards. Thankfully, I don’t have that kind of money in my atm when I was being interviewed (half was withdrawn previously). I also check my outstanding balance after we went out of that company. Personally, I think this scam is very conceited it was a waste of time for the person who is being scam and had no intention to enroll in an insurance plan.

Hopefully after reporting this to the insurance commission the scam will be watched and monitored by both government and private sectors.


Yen said...

Yay! be careful. scammers are in bow and neck tie these days ,so we should examine first before talking to strangers. hehe. snob muna, let them know your not interested at all. haha taray

Elisha Brewster said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. I will watch out for this kind of scams.But at the first place it is good to know if the scam is true or not.

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