Monday, December 20, 2010

Do you want the people around you?

“Who you attract is not determined by what you want. It is determined by who you are.”- John Maxwell

Today I learned that I attract people which have the same perspective and attitude with me. I have difficulty in writing this and spent much time with it. At first I don’t approve the concept because I can list many attitudes and traits that my friends have that I don’t have or I have that they don’t have.
But as continue to reflect about it the more I can clearly understand it and the more I can relate to people I attract. I have leadership skills that are lower than most leaders but that did not stop me from adding value to others. I read books and have the passion to impart it with my friends in every way I can that I can inspire and empower them.
One of the best ways to explain this law of magnetism is to reflect on most of the companies on the countries. Thus the company employ people who have the same values, background, generation, giftedness and leadership ability? Chances are that this company are looking for the people which can easily adapt and contribute to the company’s system.
The question now is that - Do you attract the people you likely to attract or if not do you want to change so that you can lead people which you would like to attract in the near future?


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