Friday, November 26, 2010

Change for the better

“Anyone can steer a ship , but it takes a leader to chart a course”

Today I learn that I should improve my detailing and rationalizing skills. It is one of my lowest leadership skills because I admit that I hate planning and looking in minor detail even if I am an accountant (sorry for me). The law of navigation expressly implied that if one wants to be a good leader he/she should set there planning a top priority. This means that people are counting on you to see more, sees farther and sees before others will. (Easily to be said than done) but I think it is worth it because I think you gain respect and trust from your followers.

These are the action plan that I commit to do. Decide for an activity, Setting up the goals of the activity, Set what are the essential and prioritize, Discuss this thing with concern persons ( key personnel ), make time for them to accept these things, do what I plan after wards, I’ll expect problems, but I’ll always point to the success and accomplishment and faithfully review the plan daily.

What you think of this? Do we both struggle with this? If yes what do you do about it? Please do write a comment.
God bless you and your family


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