Thursday, November 25, 2010

A step worth taking

“Leadership is like investing – it compounds”
Today I learn that leadership is a life long process and a daily activity. The time to learn is now and I should always be a student which will always have to learn. I also learned that what distinguish a leader from there follower is there ability to develop and improve their skills.

Events in our life and our day to day routine as a leader can be a tool to clearly see our progression as a leader. Event encourages decision; motivate people, can bring issues which are temporary and challenges peoples. But our day to day routine as a leader can encourage development; making the people mature; affecting issue which can be permanent and it changes people.

I think both are difficult and essentially needed to quantify our leadership skills. But if we want to become a great leader we should expect to be a leader every moment of our life. Continually learning things and having an open mind to comprehend our life in different perspective is the key to become a great leader.



Lina Gustina said...

Very inspiring, thanks :)

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nice blog frd viist me

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