Monday, November 29, 2010

Adding Value to Others

“Are you making things better for the people who follow you?”- John Maxwell

Today I want to share why we should invest in others especially our followers (staff, subordinate, family members and friends). I like this topic because I was reminded that it should be my desire to always contribute something to others both my time and energy. Hope I will become someone which can gain leadership through investing to others. As for me, servitude should not be only for the general public but most especially for leaders.

The benefits we get from investing to others are we get satisfaction (fulfillment in leading them); rightly motivated in what we do as a leader; significant accomplishments; to help to develop a team of leaders and developing an attitude to serving the team.

I like also the perception “that we are not to strive to the most high or prominent place on our field but the best place we can serve the most.” I think if we can develop our leadership skills more we will be sooner or later be put to the position which we can contribute and serve the most.

  I would like to add some more guidelines and points to establish our servitude and contribution to others. These are things that should be taken to consideration for more effective leadership by serving others. First, is that we should intentionally help others that should be go hand in hand with leaders. Second, we “cannot give what we don’t have,” the thing we can add to others should come within us either skills, opportunities, wisdom or the combination of the three. Third, we serve better when we know what other people value most, either relationships, things, activities or whatever they mostly held in there hearts should be taken to consideration to make the service more meaningful. Lastly, we serve better knowing that there is someone looking after us and would like us to look after our brothers and sisters, that is making our service more purposely interesting and worthwhile especially for me.

What do you value most? Does your leader appreciate what you held dear? Or do you address your subordinates’ needs and appreciate the things they value most?  Does it help you somehow to learn that service is truly for us?


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