Wednesday, December 01, 2010

If you Demand Trust, Reflect on your Character

Man 1: My wife and I went into an argument, eventually she became Historical
Man 2: Dude your wrong, That is called Hysterical
Man 1: No dude it’s Historical, She narrated all I done wrong in the past : )

“To build trust, a leader must exhibit competence, connection and character”- John Maxwell

Today I learned about character and what role it played in others that are depending on me. My realization is that, I’m a trustworthy person because people see my character. That is why I am now trying to decide and make choice that which I think is the best. I recently learn that we should always make our choice because if not, others may choose for us. These things are requirements for people to trust us. I think if we volunteer ourselves to be a leader of a project, the first thing people will see in us is the way we handle things (are we the kind of guy they can follow?). It is very important for people to see some opportunity that will show that they can respect and perceive us to be trustworthy. That is why we should always remember is that we should be consistent, emulate capacity to lead and demand respect at all times. Character shows even if we try to hide it, like being neat or being punctual or merely being polite.

It is important also to note that being a leader is not making the right decision all the time but having the willingness to apologize and make amends. The theory is that if we done many right things in the past then few wrong things will be forgiven easily (that is, if it is not big deals anyway) but trust is not given anymore to people that do so much wrong decisions.

Do you have a good character? Does people trust you very easily?


avatarlady said...

I do not know about you but I feel I have a strong character which makes it appear I'm too influential, hypnotic and mystical to many people. So even if I don't mean to impose something or say anything, they are threatened by my superiority. I do agree with you. One needs to appear strong to gain trust. It's not always in the deeds, sometimes it's the aura/charisma that magnets followers. However, too strong makes one to shy away.

ALBERT said...

Thank you for commenting

I think that is what you like but if not my advise is this, set a time or opportunity to initiate -a get to know gathering- with people you want to be with. I think you attract people with same character as yours, ( that's great) but if you want to attract people with diff personality you should initiate to open and give time to know them better.

Godbless my friend
Stay safe

avatarlady said...

I'll take that advice. Thanks! Are you a psychologist major or anything related to such?

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