Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Something that I missed along the way

"That what you say and what you mean are the same. What you promise, you always intend to keep it. What things you say - is what exactly what you plan to do". The best definition I read so far.

This morning I learned about integrity in the life of Daniel. Daniel, which was thrown to the lion’s den because he cannot compromise God in his life showed me the true meaning of integrity.

This is a situation where I saw my self compromising and making excuses in my life. I always thought that compromising is good and everybody is doing it. But God showed me this day that life is to live with integrity. Reputation and integrity is very different. Reputation are the things that others see in your life but integrity was something deep in you. A man with integrity will always be trusted and can be successful in life because God is with him and God delights in him.

How to maintain a life of integrity

change NOW – Don’t wait for situation to get better before you change. Don’t blame others in the level of integrity you have now. It is a change inside of yourself regardless of your condition outside.

ADVANCE planning- set the things that you will not compromise with. This is helpful because when you face this kind of problem you know what things are not for you to compromise. These are the things that will make you dependable in life. You can’t become men of integrity on the spot.

DEVELOP devotional life – God should be the rule not the exception. God should be the source of our integrity. We should live according to His example. Constant communication with Him is the key for the path of integrity.

find ACCOUNTABLE friends – Friends that will ask you the hard questions. Friends that will ask you what you are doing and what you are not doing. This I will write in depth on my following blogs.

REMEMBER to focus on God and not in our circumstances – if we always look in our circumstances rather than what God is doing in our lives we will not be extraordinary. God use circumstances to develop and make us extraordinary. He is using us in His purpose in this world. Now that is worth remembering.

Godbless everyone


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