Monday, October 18, 2010

Joseph the Dreamer -Purpose in Life

    The Thing that really inspires me right now is like that of a Joseph the  Dreamer story. A God's message that is written in a  life of hardships and preparations. God prepare Joseph in so much way. He got hurt, sold, deserted and jailed.
    But God let all of his misfortunes be a preparation of a purpose that only Joseph can do because God is with him. Even if everyone deserted us or everyone hurt us remember that if God is with us everything has a purpose. And  I think God have that like of purpose to all who believes in Him. We should strive to walk each day of pain and sorrow with gladness in our hearts that God have wonderful plans for each of us. He alone can place us where we must be. A purpose driven life is a God centered life.

Godbless everyone


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