Sunday, October 24, 2010

Knowing that you can be a LEADER

“The true measure of leadership is influence-nothing more, nothing less”- John Maxwell, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

I think influence is the thing that should be learned by everyone. Many people find there happiness when they are taking in-charge especially in work but others are happy supporting the decisions of other people. But regardless of this feelings we can safely conclude that many (if not all) feel that there feeling of significance are based on there contribution in the outcome of the things that they value most (things like their career, relationship and anything they set there mind into). Many times it is compromise because we need to be under by other people especially if we are in the bottom or middle of the organization. So I would like to share this things that hopefully inspire you to widen your horizon and change the way you influence your immediate superior.

Five Levels of Leadership- Developing the Leaders Within You

Position (Rights) - People follow because they have to.Influence doesn’t extend beyond the lines of your job description.- Most turnover is due to this (lower morale).

Permission (Relationship) - People follow because they want to. People follow beyond stated authority. This allows work to be fun. But staying too long on this level w/o rising will cause people with high motivation restless.

Production (Results) - People follow because of what you have done for the organization. Most people sensed success here. People liked you and what you are doing. Problems are fixed with very little effort because of momentum.

People Development (Reproduction) – People follow because of what you have done for them. Long range growth occurs here. Your commitment to developing leaders will ensure ongoing growth to the organization and to people. Do whatever you can to achieve and stay on this level.

Personhood (Respect) – People follow because of who you are and what you represent. This step is reserve for leaders who have spent years growing people and organizations. Few make it. Those who do are bigger than life. Only others can put you here. They do so because you have excelled in leading them from the first four levels for a long period of time.

I find it inspiring that even if I am not the manager or the owner of the company I can still influence the persons under me, above me and alongside with me.  Now I based my decisions to further improve my relationship with the people around me.

Hope you get inspired,
Godbless everyone


Roy Hutabarat said...

well, i don't think that i can be a leader..
i hate giving order to others..
is there something wrong about me??

ALBERT said...

Definitely nothing wrong with you my friend. I think it is all about influence and significance. If you are happy that you can somehow influence someone's decision ( of course with good things anyway) then you can say that you have significantly contributed to that somebody's well-being.In return you become someone to respect to the eyes of that person. I'll post it in-depth when i tackle about leading in the middle of the organization.


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