Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What a REALLY man SHOULD be

I want to share for this week is what a man should really be. There are some vital things that a man should have that should not be compromise or non-negotiabe. These are things that can make a difference in our home and also in our society. I want to focus especially for those who are father or soon to be a father. As a man, these are the things that inspired me for this week.

A real man hands down SPIRITUAL LEGACY - these are the things that a man got through in life which someday they can look back at. These are sufferings or bad situation that have been successfully been undertaken by the grace of God. These things will someday become your strength in trouble or something to look back at and smile when you are in remorse. As a father, these are the things that will enable you to cope up with stress in the family and wisdom that you can later share to your children. The point in spiritual legacy is that, God empowers you to encounter those things, to set them as example in the coming years. –“Thus God ever done anything really special in your life”

 A real man earns RESPECT - have you ever encounter someone which can quiet a crowd when he passed by?-which are few in this generation that you can really be proud of. Those men gain respect through time. They emulate qualities such us respect. In there houses they command respect. Respect for women, such as treating them appropriately. Respect for others which they will never abuse. These are things that should be done consistently and with conviction. When these respected people showed up, a higher standard entered the scene.

A real man emulates MERCY and JUSTICE – these are people who help people who need help. Compassion should always be in the heart of a real man blended with a great sense for justice.

A real man is a man of STABILITY - these are people which you can count on. Consistency in there decision is a thing that they will never compromise. When you loss direction the best way is to go home. A home is a sign of your father’s stability, someplace you can go back to.

A real man has WISDOM – a wise man is man who has bee with God and knows what in His mind. Wisdom is the ability to apply truth to the issues of practical, day to day life. Wisdom is also called “sanctified common sense” which you can observe in our parents and grandparents.


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