Sunday, December 26, 2010

Connecting people a must have skill

“You can’t move people to action unless you first move them with emotion- the heart comes before the head.” – John Maxwell

Today I learned about connecting with people especially if you want to be a great leader. The connection should start with me and will have to be maintained by me. I should see my followers as friends with unique and different personalities. Even if I am the boss my mindset should be is to initiate to communicate with them in a personal level.
I experience this situation often when I can’t make people around me do the things I want them to do. I guess adding value to them is one of ways but connecting with them had some important impact to them as well. I just recently learned this thing and now connecting with them in personal level. These things made our relationship stronger and influence easier.
We have to remember few things to maintain these things- like be confident, sincere and open
Do you experience it? (That my heart should start to connect with there hearts before I can lead them effectively).


Kamila said...

Yeah.. of course... but I'm not really sure.. I never been a boss or something.. but I've been a leader.. hmmm... and I love hearing not only my idea.. but my men's too...

ALBERT said...

Thank you for commenting kamila- I really appreciate that you share your idea with me. Hope you connect more with the people around you. As you know leadership is all about influence and if we can help other people to grow and be the people they want to be then we help alot.
Godbless always

English tips said...

I really appreciate your comment, your visit on my blog, your friendship, that's why I'm here to thankful for everything, to desire a wonderful Happy New year, all the best my dear friend. Carlos from Brazil, all the best for your family and your readers welcome to come there and share my blog for friends.

ivon said...

nice post my friend's..This is called the art of manipulating people's minds, make people want to do what we want .. as you say, dealing with people requires expertise he.he.he..

Botak said...

Good Communication Skills are all about knowing what to say and when to say, keeping in mind, lesser is always better.

Anonymous said...

if I think it all depends on the person . .

Kamila said...

huyyyyyyyyy nominated kaaaaa saaaa bbbllloogggg koooooooo daaallllaaawww bbbaccckkk!!!

icedgurl said...

HoLiDay bLoGwAlKiNg HeRe... ChEcK mY SiTe Too... HaPpY NeW YeAr tO YoU aNd To YoUr FaMiLy! :]

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