Monday, November 08, 2010

A Vision- Direction in Life

"Where there no is vision, the people perish" – Proverbs 29:18

This week I write about the role of the vision in our lives. Without vision we tend to bounce off and go in every direction. God wants us to be men and women of vision. We must not settle for what’s routine or safe. We must find our purpose and once we find it we should incorporate our vision with our purpose.   

If you are a leader and leading a group like your family, one quality of a leader is he/she is a visionary. If he/she has no vision the group especially in a family will make decisions that involve there own interest which is just human nature. But obviously, when everyone is going his or her own way, you’re not advancing anywhere significant.

Things to remember in creating a vision
We seek God’s purposes in our lives - God desires for our personal intimacy with Him, a relationship which may reveal His plan and purpose in our life. This thing can be achieve and not impossible to do.
Communicating your vision to your group -  as a leader or a visionary, we have the responsibility not only to initiate and finalize the vision but to have the vision be communicated and making sure that the vision is well understand and clear to each member.
Creating Steps to reaching your goals - being a visionary, we should always be aware that we are making an attainable vision. Making impossible vision will make the group frustrated and demoralized. I suggest a more positive approach in a situation “Difficult but not Impossible” saying.
Needing God in creating a vision – Faith and dependence on God is an out-most important in tackling a risk such a creating a vision. Knowing that you build your vision based on God’s purpose is a clear statement of our faith in Him.
Perspective about God in our vision - “small God, small vision; big God, big vision”
Building a group of accountable persons- an effective way to not lose track of your vision is having accountable partners or group to help us.

One way to know that you have the right vision is having a sense of significance, a passion which stirs your heart, a reason to get up each morning full of joy.


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